EGYWARE™ for software development

We aim to create a software renaissance in real estate marketing, by creating useful programs that make working tasks easier for users of these programs and not creating a new program that will be placed in the category of other traditional programs!

Egyware™ CRM Editions
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We search in the haystack

Our Products are made after a long term researches on the market, to learn what you need to flourish your business, then we find it and make it ready for you with the minimum fees ever!

We make things easy

We understand that nowadays things should be done quickly and easy, as you have what's enough that consumes your energy, so we make sure to have our products do what you seek with few clicks.

We're here to help You!

We provide our products with real support, and we value your opinion and further demands and consider it in our new updates, to keep you always on the right track.