Egyware™ for Software Development aims to remain the leader in creating real-estate marketing Software (and other fields in the future), compete with the world's leading software companies, and contribute to the creation of a unified global real-estate community through Egyware™ CRM and Egyware™ PortalShare.

The company places its customers at the center of its interest and is keen to satisfy them, taking into account their views and expectations while updating our systems, our updates are being done periodically and continuously in order to contribute to the development and marketing of their projects to achieve their ambition to make real-estate marketing easy and avoid stagnation resulting from mis-marketing.

Egyware™ is committed to providing the best software solutions and improving them continuously, using the latest software technology in our systems and adhering to quality standards.

Egyware™ is committed to creating a software renaissance in real-estate marketing and securing it in the long term.

We are committed to providing technical and genuine support to any of our programs free of charge through a professional support team, and to offer our programs at the lowest possible prices so as not to compete.

We believe in our ability to make a difference in this area. You will always find that our ideas are innovative and never existed in the markets before, for we study the markets seriously so that we can bring real results that will help us meet the needs of the market.