Egyware™ CRM GO!

CRM that made economic for real-estate field

Egyware™ CRM [GO! edition] is a specialist software in real estate field, it gives your company the ability to carry out its daily business with ease.

We considered while programming this edition to combine the necessary sections and requirements for a reasonable budget.

If you do not want all the sections and features provided by Egyware™ CRM [Professional Edition] and at the same time you want to enjoy many important sections and features, we recommend Egyware™ CRM [GO! edition].

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Egyware™ CRM GO! Features

The following table shows what Egyware™ CRM GO! comes with:

Egyware™ CRM GO!

- Dashboard includes rich summary of your contents
Rejected Leads
- Ability to convert between Leads, Customers and Rejected-Leads
- Help Me feature, that any user inside your company can ask another user to help with any lead or customer
Today's follow-up tasks reminder
- Updates Status between (Abailable, Blocked, Admin-Blocked and Reserved) ✔ [ Partialy ]
- Add and Update payment methods
- Special Payment Calculator that makes instalment calculation easy
Sharing engine
- Maximum Shares: Flexible: if you hit the maximum shares, you can order more shares amount with a symbolic fee
- Includes reports just about everything. ✔ [ Partialy ]
See Developers Shares
By Location
By Company
Users Panel: Many available privileges [Job-Titles] ✔ [ 5 Privileges ]
- Includes detailed controls over each user ✔ [ Partialy ]
- Maximum Users: Ability to add more users than the native ordered plan with a symbolic fee
Integrated Messaging System Engine (IMSE) between the company users, that enables any user inside your company to send other user(s) with any message or instructions
Includes Basic Security features
Includes more advances and strict Security features
Includes more professioinal features and higher performance
Enjoys all our Updates for free

* Some sections may not be available due to the Account users' privileges.

Egyware™ provides you with:

Egyware™ CRM Professional
Egyware™ CRM GO!
Egyware™ CRM Free-Edition